Vicryl Rapide Sutures

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The Coated Vicryl Rapide suture is a sterile surgical thread that is synthetically absorbable. It’s made from a copolymer, consisting of 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide. Despite being a synthetic absorbable suture, it’s designed to mimic the performance characteristics of collagen (surgical gut) sutures. It’s specifically recommended for use in superficial soft tissue approximation of the skin and mucosa, where only short-term wound support (7-10 days) is necessary. It’s not intended for use in ligation, ophthalmic, cardiovascular or neurological procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • Absorbable: The suture is designed to be absorbed by the body over time.
  • Sterile: Ensures safety and prevents infection.
  • Mimics Collagen: Its performance characteristics are intended to model the performance of collagen sutures.
  • Short-Term Wound Support: Ideal for procedures where only short-term wound support (7-10 days) is required.

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