Wedjets Stabilizing Cord

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Wedjets Stabilizing Cords offer a reliable alternative to traditional clamps for securely fastening dental dams during dental procedures. These cords are thoughtfully crafted from natural latex, providing a gentle and effective means of stabilizing the dental dam with minimal risk of tissue trauma. Each package contains 7 feet of Wedjets Stabilizing Cords, ensuring you have an ample supply for your dental work.

Features and Benefits

  • Alternative to Clamps: Wedjets Stabilizing Cords offer an alternative method for securing dental dams, providing versatility in your dental procedures.
  • 7-Foot Length: Each package includes a generous 7-foot length of stabilizing cord, giving you plenty of material to work with.
  • Natural Latex: Crafted from natural latex, these cords are gentle on tissues while effectively stabilizing the dental dam.

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