Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative

3MSKU: 6029M

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Versatile Universal Composite

The Versatile Universal Composite is a high-quality composite material that provides unsurpassed esthetics and outstanding strength for every restoration, anterior and posterior. It has the following features and benefits:

  • Exceptional esthetics that mimic the natural tooth structure and appearance.
  • Excellent adaptation that conforms to the cavity preparation and reduces the risk of gaps and voids.
  • Excellent polish retention that maintains a smooth and glossy surface over time.
  • Exceptional handling that allows for easy placement, sculpting, and contouring.
  • Outstanding strength that resists fracture, wear, and chipping for anterior and posterior use.

The Capsule Master's Kit includes:

  • 129 x 0.2g capsules in plastic reusable case with various shades of dentin, body, enamel, and translucent.
  • Shade selector wheel that helps to choose the optimal shade for each restoration.

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